Thanks to Jena C. Henry for a whopping 5 star review of TWR!

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Like her lead character, Clair, Author Lynne McVernon, is a force to to be reckoned with. McVernon has created a sweeping blockbuster modern day melodrama that you won’t be able to put down. The book starts with Englishwoman Clair Harkins coming to grips with turning 50. Her Aunt Maggie treats Clair and Clair’s daughter Jess to a trip to Symi Greece with the idea that the change of scenery will help Clair cope with the big 5-0. We are then treated to a rollicking story of the Harkins lasses adventures in Greece. But there is more for each of the characters to discover than just sex and sun. As the story continues, we learn about Clair’s Aunt Maggie, Clair’s Greek lover Fraser the Scot and his family, Clair’s English lover Howard, Clair’s mother, Clair’s best friend, and other relatives and acquaintances. Theses stories manage to all come together by the end of book, a saga which at times is humorous, then sad and emotional, then caring and contemplative. Did I enjoy it? Yes, I loved this book. The only caution for readers is that the author does not use quotation marks for conversation, which confused me a little, and there are many English colloquialisms which are fun, but were also at times hard for this non-Brit to understand. I urge you to go immerse yourself in the life and times of Clair- you will have a blast with this book!

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