TERRIBLE WITH RAISINS – A wonderful book about second love

Thank you to Jillian Morton for this wonderful review. Wish Amazon would share it worldwide – Oh well, they think they know best….


That familiar headland rises from fabled depths and down every darkening slope, dwellings of ochre, cream, russet and pink tumble in jubilant greeting.

Jillian Morton5.0 out of 5 stars A wonderful book about second loves.
Reviewed in Australia on 22 July 2020
Lynne McVernon brings the island of Symi back to my mind vividly. Anyone who has spent any time in Greece will relate immediately to the Greek characters who are brought to life so well with their ‘kefi’ or passion for life. Wonderful descriptions
of Claire’s ‘passed his useby date’ boring English lover and fellow tourists are absolute gems. Many laugh out loud situations that could only happen in Greece. Travelling home to the UK brings real life back with a bang while Claire deals with the situations involving extended family that we all experience as we all get older. But Claire soldiers on and comes out the other side to a whole new world of love, laughter and ‘kefi’. Once I started this book, I could not put it down and now can’t wait to read Jigsaw Island.

TERRIBLE WITH RAISINS LINK – read a chapter – buy

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