Jigsaw Island blog tour – review by Sharlene 29 July 2020

Thank you for taking part in the blog tour on Instagram yesterday and for putting together this image:

Shh_reads_ I’ve been to a Greek Island!

It may have been in a book as part of a blog tour but was so lovely to have that escapism.

When single mother Annie and her son Jude take a break from Scotland and stay with her brother on the island of Symi they find warmth and support.

Annie tries to put together some of the missing pieces of her life but is not prepared for some of the uncomfortable truths from the past that will affect the present for herself and Jude.

Beautiful waters, glorious sun and a happy atmosphere all rolled into one.

I was fortunate to receive the authors first book Terrible with Raisins as a surprise gift and did read that prior to Jigsaw Island although this reads perfectly well as a stand alone.

The first part of the book reads as Annie’s stream of consciousness where she blurts out her thoughts. The second as a psychological thriller and this was a pleasant and unexpected surprise.

Jigsaw is an apt description as the characters have so many differing viewpoints I tried to piece together.

I’m glad I visited Greece with Annie and thank you to @lynnemcvernon and @RandomTTours for the opportunity


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  1. inkbiotic says:

    Great review!


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