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Behind the holiday island: The refugee crisis and the future for healthcare on Leros

     Pandeli Harbour, Leros Here is the second part of the interview with my friend, Takis Varnas, who works as a nurse on Leros in the Dodecanese islands. I am indebted to him for his practical help and advice … Continue reading

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Behind the holiday island: Leros as seen by Takis Varnas

Apart from the beauty of the island of Leros, Martyn and I return year after year because of the friends we have made there. We have known Takis Varnas and his family the longest. They have all helped me one … Continue reading

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Break a leg…

Break a leg. As most of us know, it’s a theatrical term wishing a performer good luck. But where did that phrase come from? One theory is that it relates to John Wilkes Booth, the actor who played his most … Continue reading

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Writer challenge: Pride comes before a fall. Up to 300 words.

I am to have an operation shortly and went to the pre-op. assessment recently. The nurse conducting it remarked on the coincidence that we both had the same birthday. “Not the same year, too?” I asked. “Oh no, I’m five … Continue reading

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Art in the new Guildford Mental Health Hospital

As Healing Arts Manager for Surrey and Borders I work with the Property Development Team to provide healing environments. As Art Co-ordinator for the new mental health hospital planned for Farnham Road in Guildford I have recently been engaged in … Continue reading

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