Greek Islands

My husband Martyn and I love the Dodecanese Islands and have visited Rhodes, Symi, Leros, Kalymnos, Kos, Lipsi and Patmos, also Samos further north, which is not part of the chain.

We have a special fondness for Symi, having spent our honeymoon there.

I admit to the odd longing when I click on to the Symi webcam.

When I wrote this, it was 17:45 and a sunny 15 degrees on Symi while in Guildford it was 14:45, mist, drizzle and 11 degrees.

My first novel Terrible with Raisins (Or ‘All the things I forgot to do before I was fifty’ nearly finished) starts in Symi. The first chapter is here

Leros is another for which we have a special affection, particularly because of the wonderful warmth and generosity of Michael and Eftxchia Varnas and their family, especially their granddaughter, Little Eftxchia – or Fifi as she is sometimes known. Michael and Eftxchia live in Pandeli, an island idyll if there ever was one as you see . . .

Pandeli Leros

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2 Responses to Greek Islands

  1. I visited Symi last year and adored the place. I like your first chapter, it reminded me of my holiday.


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