Lack of Trust . . . and Life Changing events . . .

Well, my friends, I am no longer employed by the NHS.  Redundancy was not unexpected since the post of Healing Arts Manager, at least on paper, is considered a luxury.  Erroneously.

In practice, my days were pretty full-on working in the Property Development Department with the M25 as a major travail trail.  I can rest easy now, though, because having:

  • created a colour palette (with considerable advice and assistance from Akzonobel and inspiration from Bernay Laity)
  • set up Healing Arts Forums in advance
  • facilitated much of the design for the move to HQ and
  • put together the artist interview and shortlisting process for the 24/7 Assessment and Treatment programme –

– I have left the Trust in good shape, art and design-wise. Shame I won’t get to work on the new hospital with any of the marvellous artists I met.  Shame, also, that their involvement was so suddenly postponed.  Who knows, though, there are probably many other schemes that await us.

So – Amanda Winfield, Walter Bailey, Juri NishiSam & Will BoexImpact Art and Sarah Jane Daniels   – I wish you all exciting and fulfilling future projects and look forward to meeting you again before too long.

(Please see Art category for database of artists and arts organisations I met over three years with the Trust.)

HOWEVER – and it is a big Frankie Howerd style HOWEVER – I am heading towards a wonderful new horizon on a journey that started 12 June when long time pal Susie Twist and I set off for Ecuador and – the Galapagos Islands.  First Ecuador and the Equator . . .

Lynne McVernon & Susan Twist slug it out for world domination

Susie, a native Scouser and longtime resident of Manchester is posturing North of the line – and I, a softie from Surrey on the South. Not as exotic or hot as we assumed the equator would be.  A bit damp, in fact . . .

Then there's the obligatory llama photo - with scowling Ecuadorian minor.

McV and Twist shuddering in the mist on the way up Mount Cotopaxi - a volcano?

Otovalo Market - Small lady smirking, having charged us 5 x value of knitted hat

Then there was the small boy at Otovalo - possibly smirking lady's grandson - who just couldn't wait . . .

More soon – Galapagos just so heavenly I have to take a rest before going on . . .

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