TERRIBLE WITH RAISINS – Don’t make me Kindle . . .

Nothing – nothing and big fat nothing – so FAR.  You see, I think the ITV Loose Women gang should take this up, don’t you?  I mean, if they can talk about ‘mummy porn’ they can talk about ‘lady lit’ surely?  Come on all you ladies on the brink, stand up and be counted.  Terrible With Raisins – a great read.  Spread the word!

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1 Response to TERRIBLE WITH RAISINS – Don’t make me Kindle . . .

  1. Kindle is great, Lynne. I know authors that are published in the traditional way and Kindle, and authors that only Kindle, out of choice. If Foxden Acres is returned, I shall Kindle immediately. Good luck with T with R… x


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