It’s a big old world out there . . .

. . . but we move in small circles! Just heard from dear friend Maddie who is on the same literary agent grind. (Maddie – Madalyn Morgan – and I worked at the Young Vic together way back. ) We were both rejected by the same agent last Saturday with a ‘Dear Author’ letter. Wouldn’t mind so much but they didn’t send the plastic wallet back . . . maybe they have a sales sideline of stationery donated by hopeful applicants. Anyhow Maddie – good luck with pitching your new novel on Saturday. See Maddie’s blog at

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2 Responses to It’s a big old world out there . . .

  1. Thank you for your generous good wishes, Lynne. At least we got a, Dear Author letter. Last month my first three chapters were returned (don’t say rejection it’s an eight letter word) without an accompanying letter. Their side line in stationary is growing. Photocopy paper as well as plastic wallets.


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