Yes – we are on the brink of Kindle . . .

Terrible With Raisins as a title plus permission for quote from Dorothy Parker awaits the go-ahead from Penguin – have been amassing other possible titles just in case . . . Otherwise, climbing the Kindle formatting mountain. ‘Vanity publishing’ is, apparently, a derogatory term coined by the publishing industry to put us (those of us who didn’t go to university with a publisher or literary agent) off. Whatever – dating online used to be frowned upon. I’m fed up with not getting beyond the slush pile. Here goes, my literary friends –

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1 Response to Yes – we are on the brink of Kindle . . .

  1. Go Lynne! I agree with you about going the Kindle way. I’ve been lucky enough to get beyond the slush pile with, Foxden Acres, three times now. Today it will be 9 weeks since the last literary agent asked for the entire manuscript and told me not to let any other lit agents see it. Okay? I’m still waiting… Mmm, perhaps I’ve been forgotten. Perhaps like the first agent, the office manager has forgotten to post the ‘no’ letter. Or, like the second, the ‘no’ email went into the junk folder to be lost forever. So, like you, I’ve prepared FA for Kindle. And, by the way, having met most of Curtis Brown this year, agents are changing. According to CB they have to move with the times. Good luck, Lynne. Facebook and Blog to share, so we can all buy it. x


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