Terrible With Raisins paperback version imminent

Cake with number 50Very busy week so far – about to publish the paperback of Terrible With Raisins on Amazon with grown up things like ISBN’s and the like. The cover is somewhat different with a rather squashed cake – impossible to format the original to Amazon’s liking. The new ‘blurb’ on the back goes:

“… there was something, something pretty terrible… Not just plain terrible. This was fancy terrible. This was terrible with raisins in it…” Dorothy Parker (on reaching fifty). From The Middle or Blue Period.

To Clair, fifty is a terrible age. She tries hiding away in Greece to avoid it but, of course, fifty finds her. So does a dose of reality – sweetened by a couple of encouraging possibilities for the future. Fortified, she returns home to resume mothering her difficult daughter and appeasing her hypercritical mother. In the coming year she will swallow a terrible amount of raisins, sweet and sour, learn a lot and forget a few things (well, she IS fifty). Mother, daughter, niece, lover, reluctant teacher and neglected artist – will the real Clair Harkin please grow up?

Price on Amazon will be £9.99, US$10.99 and €10.99

Further post on publication – not long now!

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