Article in Guildford Dragon News

Click here to see the article about TWR in Guildford Dragon News, Guildford’s online newspaper.IMG_0691This is a shot of my stepdaughter Sarah Stead and me in an editing session, Sarah in Wellington, New Zealand, me in Guildford, England. Sarah, as I may have mentioned, is a professional journalist and edited Terrible With Raisins – did a brilliant job of it, too, in my opinion. She’s now making her way back home via Cambodia (where she’s spending some time with brother, Jon) and Thailand (joyful reunion with fella, Chris Braine). Then back here, mid-December. Can’t wait to spend an early Christmas with all three of them…


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1 Response to Article in Guildford Dragon News

  1. Eddie says:

    Lynne, nice article and photos. Mark Twain, too, eh? I was vain enough to look for my own review–and found it at the very end! But at least the Dragon included it. Enjoyed all the reviews, too.


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