Dive-an-Izoo – the lost stanzas – 59 and 60

The eldest girl has brought to life two offspring with no father
And does she set a role model for these two mites? Yes! Rather!
They know the Anglo Saxon terms for sexual reproduction
But cannot grasp their ABC – or sums – despite instruction.
At least they learn of mythic gods, of Celt and Gothic trysts
From dense tattoos adorning mummy’s shoulders down to wrists.
And they can also bawl and shriek, can bellow, growl and scream
But never will discriminate ‘twixt civil and obscene.

This comely firstborn of Dive’s loins has never been a loner
She never can resist enticement from a sturdy boner
A recent swain wooed her with gaseous trumps and after these
Described his earlier loves including smells and STDs
Not just for her did he recount his Herculean labours
But rang them out in manly tones enough to shock the neighbours.

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