Stand up against austerity!

IMG_0961 Last week we went to the Hammersmith Apollo (or whatever it’s called now) and saw a fantastic evening of stand-up in support of the People’s Assembly. Brilliant line-up – Jason Manford, Mark Steel, Shappi Korsandi, Stewart Lee, Francesca Martinez, Jeremy Hardy, Marcus Brigstocke and my personal favourite – Jo Brand. Hosted brilliantly by Kate Smurthwaite and thought provoking comment by founder Owen Jones and Sam Fairbairn. And did the BBC report it???

Looking at Cameron’s desperate attempt today to woo women voters, teachers and anyone with integrity by sacking Gove and promoting more women to the Cabinet – I’d say he’s onto a loser because all three segments are intelligent people who know a shyster when they see one (apart, that is, from the deluded females who have hitched themselves to his Bentley). Still, at least the BBC has given him ample coverage.

At the same time, chortled with mirth to hear that 59% of people charged ‘bedroom tax’ since last April are in arrears (hooray!) and one in five haven’t paid at all. BIG hooray! Apparently, even if people want to downsize, there are no smaller properties for them to go to. There’s a lousy job you could give a woman, DC, Housing Minister.

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