Aah, Cornwall…

It has been beautifully sunny here in Devon over Easter, even though a bit of a sea har invaded yesterday. Realised I reported on the day out in Looe but didn’t mention gorgeous Portwrinkle (wonderfully quaint name) where we dropped in on the way back home. What a happy decision that was. It is largely a residential area with a small shop above the beach. But the view – the view – is just heart-stoppingly beautiful. Only just into Cornwall and yet the change in land/seascape is significantly different. Or maybe it’s me loving Cornwall. Lucky residents…

“Rubbish signal, though,” remarked Martyn, staring at his phone. I wondered, seriously, how well I would cope with a minimal wifi signal, given the amount of research I do online? Maybe it’s better up the hill. But Jigsaw Island is already written – and I could live with it, anyway.

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1 Response to Aah, Cornwall…

  1. gilliallan says:

    I’ve been going to Cornwall all my life and never heard of Portwrinkle


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