The artist in me

The artist in me needs an easel.

But is this easel-y achieved? It took a lot of swearing, a whole Archers Omnibus (combat pain with pain) and half a bottle of red wine. And two metal bits left over.

Now starting on the Fibonacci project. Now this may not look like it –

…and it may never look like it. But it has to begin somewhere.

Meanwhile, JIGSAW ISLAND calls. Both Dawlish and Teignmouth libraries would like a talk. My pleasure. In the interim, back to the rewrites, back to my Syrian friend and – tonight – LINE OF DUTY. Much debate at The Cliffs as to whether H really is the main culprit. I have a theory…

I remember my dear (Irish) Dad watching a much younger Adrian Dunbar in THE COMMITMENTS and laughing himself to a standstill at the line “Stick with me and you’ll be farting through silk”. At least, I think it was THE COMMITMENTS. Maybe it was another Irish gem. The line still works, though. At least, it does for me.

Adrian – no matter the movie and whatever  the outcome – you have been a naughty boy. In your Line of Duty, though, it’s easel-y done.

No apology.

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