Ego on the way up

Personal friends will know I’ve had a catastrophic couple of months – so much so that it may be worth a fiction if the plot is less chaotic than mine. The good news is that my new novel, JIGSAW ISLAND, is now 33% funded on the Unbound website. Support from friends and family has been terrific. Further to this, two of my pledgers are esteemed book reviewers, a huge compliment. And as it’s my birthday tomorrow, I’m having the day off. Happy rest of July, everyone!

My beloved Leros, the Jigsaw Island of the book.

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9 Responses to Ego on the way up

  1. Happy birthday 🥮🥧🍧🍦🍚


  2. Sue Redpath says:

    Enjoy a well deserved break Lynne.. Happy Birthday 🥂

    Hugs Susie

    Sent from my iPhone



  3. Lynne says:

    Thanks Twinny – more larks when we catch up! xx


  4. Loraine Fowler says:

    Happy Birthday x


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