Running away from it all

A friend of mine said recently – “It’s not too bad a time for writers – they can disappear into their own heads”. That’s true up to a point. I’m re-writing and tidying Jigsaw Island on the advice of my editor and, while I’m doing it, spending a lot of time in Greece. More specifically, the islands. Thought you might like to see a couple of places I’ve been…

Left: Leros    Right: Karpathos


And below is where I live – not too dusty, eh?

Meanwhile, this is what I’m looking at most of the time, right now…


As everyone is saying, strange times indeed. I am blessed living where I live, grateful to the so many thousands of people keeping our lives going – doctors, nurses, care givers, food suppliers and deliverers, bin men, bus drivers, volunteers, post persons – the list goes on and on, every one of them a brave and generous spirit. We must never forget what they have done for us. And we must fight, if necessary, to save our extraordinary British gem, the NHS, from privatisation and Americanisation. Whoops – veered of post a bit. But you won’t mind?

Stay safe, all of you.





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3 Responses to Running away from it all

  1. inkbiotic says:

    Ok, so I’m pretty jealous now! From the title I’m wondering if your book is set on one of those islands where you spend your time? Good luck with the writing and you’re totally right about the NHS, a fight may be coming. Stay safe 🙂


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