Agios Isidoros, Leros. Religion, fairytale and fiction

All Leros Info has to say about this beautiful little chapel is: In the area of Kokkali, the picturesque, little church of Agios Isidoros can be found. It is built on an islet in the sea and is connected to the old submerged little port by a small passageway built next to it.

I’d like to know more about the submerged little port. What was it called? When did it submerge? Why? is more helpful: The lovely church of Agios Isidoros stands on the islet of Alinda that is connected to the land by a narrow passage. The little chapel is built on the site of an ancient temple, the ruins of which can still be seen behind the altar. The view from the church is very beautiful, especially in the sunset.

I’m a little suspect about the ‘islet of Alinda’ as Alinda is a tourist resort on the opposite coast of Leros…


There’s not a lot to do once you get there, once you’ve crossed the causeway, peered into the tiny interior and maybe taken photographs of the usual icons, lamps, candles and offerings (I haven’t seen the ruins behind the altar – having inspected inside and out). Or you may be, as I usually am, on the look out for a stray octopus in the shallows beside the pathway. It is simply a place of enchantment, like a fairytale cottage in the middle of the sea. Worthy of some kind of myth, which I may weave around the temple ruins and submerged port some day. Meaning I’ll just have to go back to Leros. Oh no! In the meantime,my book,  JIGSAW ISLAND is already set in Leros, taking you on a small tour of the island while telling the story of Annie and the psychological entanglement that leads to a dramatic climax in… I’ll take you there tomorrow.

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