Today I’m a guest on Jenny Kane’s blog…

Jenny Kane is my writing mentor and friend – and today she has been kind enough to invite me to guest on her blog. MY INTERVIEW

In it, I mention a little of my earlier career – of which The Young Vic was a part.

The Young Vic Theatre

– one of my erstwhile places of employment. It didn’t look like this in the early 80’s. I was able to park my car in a nook in the theatre frontage. I came out after rehearsals one night and it wouldn’t start, so I opened the bonnet – heaven knows why, I knew as much about the combustion engine as I did about brain surgery. Oddly, though, I spotted it in one – someone had nicked the battery. Oh, the the joys of working in The Cut, Waterloo… I still keep in touch with three dear friends whom I met there – actors Jay Byrd and Jane Goddard and my fellow writer, Madalyn Morgan.

Jenny is a prolific and popular writer, so prolific that I have to direct you to her website – thoroughly recommended – to see her books: JENNY KANE

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