Annie – doing nerdy things on Leros….

If you’re into books and learning, it’s a no-brainer for Annie – even if she’s on holiday on JIGSAW ISLAND
“At the bottom of the road opposite, the sea smiles back at me, a fish out of water, that can only head towards it. As I do, though, I pass a building on my left and make out the Greek lettering way above the door as ‘bibliothiki’. Library? Only a nerd like me would go to the library on their first day on a Greek island. Jude would have something strong to say about it. Since being a student I’ve been addicted to the places…”

After an hour or so of nerdery, Annie locks on to why she’s really on Leros… “I’ve been let out to play on a Greek island. I should be soaring up with socking great orgasmic skyrockets of bliss, not going back to school. I close the book and step out onto the balcony, straight into a Taser belt of heat. Like I don’t love it. There’s a view of that ridiculous sea and Aghia Kiriaki island…

…You don’t get views like that from the Westerhouse Road library in Glasgow. I feel an instant need to be down on the beach, plunging into the water then dripping out for a cold beer.”


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