Review: Fitzwarren’s Well by Jennifer Ash

This new audio entertainment by Jennifer Ash is a treat for lovers of British myth, specifically the Robin Hood myth, and many with wider tastes. I say ‘entertainment’ because the story has been dramatised rather than produced as an audiobook. Its premise is that the Merry Men, even Robin, have fallen prey to a curse by the Lady of the Well. Foul play has been afoot and it is up to the Lady Marian and Will Scarlet to put it right. With Clannad’s atmospheric music, well-crafted dialogue and varied characterisation, the story is engaging through to its culmination. Special mention to Jon Culshaw, who comes across as a bit of a Phil Davis soundalike in his comic interpretation of Will. A very pleasant diversion from our troubled times.

Can be downloaded from the Spiteful Puppet Website. Click on image.

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