Let me take you there – Terrible With Raisins: the naughty bits…

Clair, having fled to the gorgeous island of Symi to escape that BIG birthday, has a rare night’s sleep. And instead of the usual nightmare…
“Blessedly asleep that night, I met a new person who was neither male nor female and who drove a luxury horse drawn coach in which I reclined in a bath. We flashed past several places we should have stopped at, but sped on until we arrived in a large dining hall where I stepped out in full eighteenth century finery onto a table covered with candelabra, fruit and sweetmeats – whatever they look like, I just knew that’s what they were. It didn’t bother me that my breasts were bare because they were firm and round with rosy nipples. I walked in golden mules along the sumptuous table to a large triptych of a window that opened onto a sunset seascape. Everyone applauded as I had a devastatingly wonderful orgasm. When I have a good dream it’s worth waiting for.”

Click on the image to find TERRIBLE WITH RAISINS

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