Fiona Morgan

Today, Fiona Morgan is my guest writer

Welcome, Fiona, please introduce yourself… Hi I’m Fiona Morgan – I’m married with two teenage daughters. My day jobs are BSL Facilitator for D/deaf students in a college and also a Deafblind Guide Communicator and I write in the little spare time I have, although my dream is to be able to write as my full time job.

What first inspired you to write?   I started to write as a way to fight my depression. I knew I had to do something that was for me, a hobby that was only for me whilst it was also something that challenged and helped me grow. Writing a book was something I had always wanted to do, but never done anything about it. So realising that if I didn’t do it, it would never get done, I picked up a pad of paper and a pen and wrote myself a story.

What was your first piece of creative writing? How old were you?   I have a vivid memory of being in Primary three (Scotland) so about 6 years old and making a story from the words we had learned. The teacher raved about how wonderful it was and even told my mum. I can remember feeling so proud that everyone enjoyed my story.

Which writers do you particularly admire?   I would have to say Stuart MacBride, I enjoy his style of writing plus he’s a fellow Scot.

What do you love about writing?   I love characters that become like friends, seeing them grow and learn and love. My writing also gives me a some respite from the trials and tribulations of daily life, which helps me with my mental health, always a good thing

What do you hate about writing?   I don’t hate anything about writing. I find some things more challenging, like marketing and promoting myself. Editing can also be a challenge.

Describe your portfolio of writing.   I have two novels published at the moment, WHAT’S MINE and FREE. Both are thriller romance novels based in Glasgow. I try to write strong female characters that grow into themselves, learn to love themselves and enjoy their lives.

What is your proudest achievement?   Finishing my books is a great achievement, and seeing them in print is amazing, but I think one of my proudest achievements, so far, is doing a book launch in a Waterstones book shop in Glasgow, my launch was fully accessible in English and British Sign Language. The staff commented that it was definitely a first for them. Also my dad’s very first book he ever read was my first book, so that is up there with my proudest achievement too.

What is your current project?   My third book is another thriller romance in Glasgow, working title DYNAMIC ENTRY with many more ideas in my head.

Thank you for hosting me, I really enjoyed participating.

Thank you for take the time to talk about your work – and best of luck with the work in progress, DYNAMIC ENTRY

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