The cake version of Terrible With Raisins

Dear friends – and readers . . . Terrible With Raisins is finished, complete, concluded . . . and ready to uplift a world jaded by chic-lit and  lady porn. The title is inspired by Dorothy Parker who awoke one morning knowing that something terrible was imminent, and not just fancy terrible but “terrible with raisins”.  It was, of course, her fiftieth birthday.

Terrible With Raisins is a wry, coming of age fiction that tells the story of artist Claire at the age of fifty and contrasts that of another generation. She manages career, finance and emotions to the indifference of mother, daughter and partner. A Greek holiday funded by her aunt ensures that her fiftieth birthday is memorable. Claire should confront her mother but always submits, wants a father figure but finds a younger lover. Her waking dreams tantalise but never answer. Does it all turn out well in the end?  Well, it certainly turns out.

The story is set in the Dodecanese Island of Symi, Surrey, the West Coast of Scotland and the Gulf Coast of Florida. Good holiday reading for a 2013 beach.

It is currently in test mode with willing supporters and submitted to literary agents. Kindle is very much an option – it seems to work for some. If you are interested in taking a look, please get in touch.

Seen above –  Terrible With Raisins – the cake

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  1. carol hedges says:

    Good luck with this! Free cake with every copy?? Kindle is definitely an option – it’s the route I’ve chosen – but a lot of hard work publicizing it. (Though I guess you have useful partner!)


  2. Hi Mc V. I love your blog. And, Terrible with Raisins sounds like a terrific read. Can’t wait to get my copy on Kindle. Good luck and love, Maddie x


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