e-publishing for the nervous . . .

Good grief!  Now at the point of e-publishing Terrible With Raisins and discover how much there is that I don’t know.  As if I didn’t think I knew nothing about anything anyway… still with me?  I’m ploughing through Publishing E-Books for Dummies by Ali Luke.  Some very good ideas and advice in there.  After spending nearly 13 years writing the flaming book I just want it out there!  Other knotty problem – because there’s a Dorothy Parker quote I have to get authorisation from Penguin USA Permissions – and they want to know, amongst other things, where the book will be available (if Kindle, worldwide, I think?  Or is it?), what the date of publishing is (which is, largely when they give me permission) and how much the edition will cost – which, as we all know with ebooks, can be variable.  I wrote a long email explaining all this and received a reply saying that they needed to know – yes –  where the book will be available, what the date of publishing is  and how much the edition will cost.  On the point of taking out all reference to the revered Dorothy and retitling.  Why does it all have to be so HARD? Still, hugely heartened that my dear Sally Jo (Sarah Stead – founder of subequator.com) in Wellington NZ is prepared to take the editing in hand (NOT a good idea to attempt it oneself).  At least I’ll be assured of a truly professional job. By the by – what do you think of the attached photo for front cover of Terrible With Raisins (a tale of growing up at age fifty)?  Tried it on a Lulu limited run and it seemed to work well.Cake with number 50

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  1. Go Lynne! How exciting! So pleased you’re almost there with, Terrible With Raisins. Can’t wait to read it. How brave you are, uploading yourself. I didn’t have the patience with, Foxden Acres. Respect! Fingers crossed you get permission for the Dorothy Parker quote. Lots of love and luck, Mads xxx P.S. You’ve done the hard part, formatting and uploading to Kindle, so why not put Terrible With Raisins on Amazon’s Create Space – have a paperback as well? You might need a holiday in between. Much love. x


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