Terrible with Raisins – Latest review on Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars Terrible With Raisins by Lynne McVernon, 6 Dec 2013

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 This review is from: Terrible With Raisins (Paperback)
“Terrible with Raisins” by Lynne McVernon explores the uncertain and, sometimes painful, world of loving human relationships and the obstacles that face the unwary lover. The novel is finely written and is a compelling read. The time is ‘now’ and the writer varies the tempo of the narrative by introducing moments of reflection as characters ponder the unexpected: emotions at times run deep. The novel’s locations introduce place and atmosphere changes ranging from sunshine in Symi in Greece and Florida, with its aged wealthy, to the changing temperatures and skies of dear old Guildford. The characters are believable, some are lonely and vulnerable, and the emotional relationships they live through are recognisable. Does the reader care about the characters? The answer is ‘yes’, for the challenges they face are known to most of us and we are curious to see how, or if, they will be resolved. The writer does not settle for a neat happy ending, but the reader who quests for the sublime in human relations will be curious to assess what might happen next.
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2 Responses to Terrible with Raisins – Latest review on Amazon

  1. Eddie says:

    Quite a good review there. He captures some of the best points and states them well.


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